ACA 2012

18th International Conference

on Applications of Computer Algebra

June 25 28, 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria


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Important Information  

1) Each ACA 2012 participant has to fill Registration form as soon as possible (if not done yet). Otherwise his/her name will not be included in the list of participants and a badge, conference materials, etc. will not be prepared in advance for him.
The badges will play role of passes to the Conference rooms and social events.
2) It is still possible room reservation to be made  in Vitosha Park Hotel   (see Accommodation)
3) Arrival information
Our advise for reaching the hotel by taxi: when arriving in Sofia and entering the Arrivals hall of Sofia Airport, go ahead to the right corner. There is a desk of Taxi company named "OK  Supertrans". It is the official taxi company of the Airport. Its cabs have phone number 973-21-21 written on taxi sides.  Do not contact other taxi drivers - some of them can ask you too much. Just go to the desk and ask for a taxi. A girl/boy should bring you to your taxi, which is waiting outside. The cost of taxi transport to Vitosha Park Hotel is about 7-8 Leva. In all cases the taxi driver will be happy if you give him 10 leva or a 5 Euro bill. He is obliged to take Euro if you prefer so.
Taxi for departure and for going to other places in Sofia can be easily arranged via hotel reception.  
4) Currency issues in Bulgaria 
The local currency in Bulgaria is Bulgarian Lev (Lv.).
1 Euro = approximately 1.95 Lv.
Major international credit/debit cards can be used for paying the hotel
and for withdrawing local currency (Leva). 
Do not exchange much money at the airport, the rates are not
very good there. You may do that in Vitosha Park Hotel or in a bank
near the hotel. The rates there are fair.   
          5) Weather
We expect the end of June to be rather warm with daily temperature 
26-30 degrees. Clouds and showers are also possible for short time.