Peter Dalakov

Reading Seminar in Algebraic Geometry
Fall 2015

Logistics : Thursday 16-18 pm, IMI, room 503

  • Dec 10 Versality and Universality. The Kodaira-Spencer map
  • Dec 3 Families and deformations
  • Nov 19 Complex spaces -2; Families and deformations: complete, versal, universal.
  • Nov 12 Complex spaces, families and deformations of complex manifolds
  • Nov 5 Introductory remarks and motivation

    In a short series of talks I will present a brief, subjectively skewed introduction to deformation theory, with the attempt to outline the passage from (pre)historic to (pre)modern methods. The plan is to discuss briefly the following topics:

  • · Kodaira–Spencer theory
  • · Grothendieck–Schlessinger approach to deformations
  • · Deformation theory via DGLA
  • · The BTT theorem
  • · Some aspects of dGBVA, dervied deformation theory and EDF (optional)

    We run this seminar together with Hristo Iliev

    Fall 2014 seminar webpage
    Fall 2012 seminar webpage

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