Seminar of Algebra and Logic in 2017
Department of Algebra and Logic, IMI/BAS

Usual time: Fridays, 1 pm. Usual location: room 578, IMI/BAS



December 8, 10 am


2017 Annual Report Session of the Department of Algebra and Logic

November 17


Anatolii V. Zhuchok
(Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Starobilsk, Ukraine)
n-Tuple semigroups

November 10


Tatyana Ivanova
Some new results on extended contact algebras

November 03


Peter Danchev
Associative Rings with Identity and Weakly Unipotent Unit Groups

October 06


Peter Danchev
Uniqueness in von Neumann Regular Rings

September 29, 12:45 pm


Peter Danchev
Generalizing nil clean rings

September 15, 11 am


Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny (Newcastle University, UK)
Synthesis of Petri Nets with Whole-place Operations and Localities

July 28


Ananya Anantayasethi, Joerg Koppitz
Idempotent and Regular Elements in a Semigroup of Sets of Transformations with Restricted Range

June 30


Peter Danchev
A generalization of co-Hopf abelian groups

June 09


Joerg Koppitz
From Tournaments to Ljapin's identities

May 26


Lyubomir Borisov
Enumeration of the number of elements in the field GF(p^n) with prescribed trace and co-trace

May 12


Ivan Chipchakov
Ramified p-extensions and Brauer p-dimensions of discrete valued fields of residual characteristic p

March 24


Dimitar Guelev
Transient coalitions and ordered temporal objectives in concurrent multiplayer games

February 17


Veselin Filev
The BFSS Matrix Model on the Lattice

January 27


Vladimir Gerdjikov
Multi-component Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations and Their Reductions.
New Integrable 2-component Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations



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