The One True Euro Glyph


The euro money has its official logo, a geometrically defined glyph for the euro character. However, most images of this logo that one finds on the Internet are broken.

This includes all the ‘official’ images displayed by the European Commission on their web sites, dedicated to the euro character!

Yes, this is correct. I am not joking. The EC's own euro images are broken. All of them. They even differ from each other geometrically.

In the near future, I intend to explain in detail why this is so. For now, you might be content with using the true euro images that I created myself – choose the one(s) that match your needs or grab them all in a single archive.


solid, black  ×   ×   ×   × 
contoured, gray × × × ×
solid, in colour × × × ×
construction × ×   ×

All files in a single archive (50kB)