RPN in C++


Links of Relevance

JTC1/SC22/WG21: the C++ standards committee web page
The current language definition: C++14 (a most recent draft of the actual standard)
C++ chief designer’s homepage: lot of information on C++, e.g.:
C++ Glossary
FAQ (general topics)
C++ Style and Technique FAQ
Articles, interviews, a book, etc. of the author of STL
The Standard Template Library: a description of STL
Stepanov’s interviews are interesting in many respects, e.g. by exhibiting his strong reservations regarding OOP

A reference to the language and the standard library that is downloadable for off-line use

An STL reference from the author of STL

The C++ Resources Network
C++ Language Tutorial (of the standard library, only file Input/Output is included)
C++ Library Reference: streams, C functions, strings, STL (containers & algorithms)

Standard C++ library Class reference and User guide and tutorial from Rogue Wave Software

The Apache C++ Standard Library (STDCXX) has on-line User and Reference guides

‘Complete list of C++ resources’

A Web portal for references, tutorials and other resources

Standard library references with examples: without STL, and STL-specific (incomplete at places)

Web stores of technical articles:
The C++ department at the Dr.Dobbs's Web Portal
The C++ department at DevX
Books freely available online:
Thinking in C++, vol. 1 and 2
How to think like a computer scientist: C++ version
C++ annotations

Boost: expertly designed, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries

C++ FAQ Lite: another FAQ on C++

C++ FQA Lite: criticism, along the contents of the above FAQ

C++?? : A Critique of C++: another critical text

Links to web resources for C++

Freely available implementations
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection for Linux. There are ports to MS DOS, MS Windows (or this), and Mac OS X
The Intel company offers free for personal use C++ compilers
Digital Mars C/C++ for MS Windows (formerly Symantec)
Microsoft VC++ Express Edition for MS Windows
Open Watcom: an open source version of the Watcom C++
Ch: an extended C and partly C++ interpreter with application libraries and other additions; for shell and embedded scripting
CINT: a C++ interpreter