RPN in Haskell


Links of Relevance

The Haskell home page: it contains, or links to, almost everything related to the language.
A gentle introduction to Haskell: the ‘official’ introductory tutorial
Functional pearls: short articles on functional programming, mostly Haskell

Learn you a Haskell: a tutorial book for beginners (online and printed)

Real world Haskell: a book (online and printed)

A tutorial that evolves around drawing a polygon mesh and doing simulations on it

A History of Haskell: being lazy with class

Several papers that elucidate, through illustration, some most important ideas of functional programming and Haskell in particular:
Why functional programming matters (this one is in Miranda, but the difference is insignificant)
Higher-order + Polymorphic = Reusable
A tutorial on the universality and expressiveness of fold
Monadic parsing in Haskell
Two API search engines

Try Haskell: a ‘web Haskell terminal’ and an interactive hands-on tutorial

A server that automatically generates theorems about Haskell functions based on their types

Home page of Helium