RPN in Pascal


Pascal is a small and simple programming language, designed in the late 1960s for teaching the basics of computing.

Links of Relevance:

Pascal Central: standards, examples, references, advocacy

The ANSI/ISO Standard Pascal information page: standards’ definitions and other historical documents

History, predecessors, and criticism:
Recollections about the development of Pascal by N. Wirth
Pascal and its successors by N. Wirth
A summary of projects by N. Wirth – mostly related to programming language design
An overview of Algol W
A description of, and a compiler for Euler
Why Pascal is not my favorite programming language: a criticism of the language comparing it to C; also in PDF
Freely available compilers:
PascalABC.NET: a .NET compiler for Pascal with a number of extensions; also an online compiler
Prospero Software offers an MS DOS / MS Windows Pascal compiler, a survey of Extended Pascal and a language manual
FPC (Free Pascal Compiler): implements Extended Pascal
GNU Pascal: implements Standard Pascal and most of Extended Pascal
Turbo Pascal: the now free, once very popular compiler by Borland (implements Extended Pascal)
A book and sources of a compiler (P4) for Pascal
Dr. Pascal: an interpreter (Standard Pascal) and an IDE well suited for learning – a free trial copy is available