RPN in PostScript


PostScript is the most misunderstood widely known programming language in the world. Surely widely known in the sense that, because of its enormous use, many have heard of it. And indeed misunderstood as most of them have no idea that it is a programming language at all, perceiving it as a file format for laser printers to read.

Links of Relevance:

‘PostScript Technology Center’ at Adobe's, in particular:
The second and third editions of the PostScript Language Reference
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) File Format Specification v. 3.0
PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions (DSC) Specification v. 3.0
Various Display PostScript System (DPS) documents
(DPS is also discussed in the 2nd edition of the PostScript Language Reference)
Thinking in PostScript
PostScript Tutorial and Cookbook (‘the blue book’)
PostScript Language Program Design (‘the green book’)
Mathematical Illustrations: a Manual of Geometry and PostScript (use of PostScript for producing mathematical graphics)
Practical PostScript: a small book on typesetting with PostScript
A First Guide to PostScript: a tutorial and brief reference to some operators
Just A Little PostScript: introductory slide presentation

A command reference

A web page on using PostScript
Especially valuable is this essay on direct programming in PostScript, listing a number of interesting applications

Information about PostScript and links to resources; see esp. the Programming & training section

An extensive list of PostScript-related resources

Acumen Journal: a free monthly electronic journal on PostScript and PDF

Tynidict: ‘The PostScript Markup Library for Self-Printing Books’

Ghostscript, Ghostview, GSview: a popular implementation of (an interpreter for) PostScript, and PostScript file viewers

IdePS and wxGhostscript: an IDE for PostScript, including a debugger written in the language,
and a library interface to Ghostscript through wxWidgets

PS-HTTPD: a web server written in PostScript