The Winter and The Spring Mathematical competitions in Bulgaria

Two other competitions which are important for Bulgarian students are the so called Winter competition ( held in January) and the Spring competition ( held in April) . In these competitions every region (there are 29 such regions in Bulgaria) takes part with a team of 4-5 students from each grade. Each competition is held in one of the bigger Bulgarian towns, where the students come with their teachers. In the Winter competition students from all grades of the middle and the high school take part, but in the Spring math competition only students from high schools (grades 8 - 11) take part. Usually the participants in these competitions are students from the so called special mathematical schools. During the competitions they are expected to solve 3 problems for 4.5 hours. The problems are selected by the UBM Committee and the students papers are marked by the members of the same committee. The duration of these competitions is 3 days and at the end the results are announced and the winners receive prizes. The level of the problems in these two competitions is slightly higher than the level of the problems given in the second round of the National Mathematics Olympiad.

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