About Us

Digitization of Scientific Heritage (DSH) unit in the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) was formed in October 2004. It is created in connection with the execution of "Knowledge Transfer for Digitisation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage in Bulgaria" project (KT-DigiCULT-BG), funded by Marie Curie Actions under FP6 of European Commission.
Since 1st June 2007 DSH unit became a formal department at IMI-BAS, named "Humanities Informatics". Its` team is generally concerned with research, implementation and education in the field of digitization of scientific heritage and in the new interdisciplinary field of Digital Humanities.
Since 1st March 2011 the department became a separate unit at Information Systems Department. Our new name is Laboratory for "Digitization of Scientific and Cultural Heritage". Our professional profile continues to be the same: applied research in CS, more precisely IT applications in Humanities.

IMI-BAS is member of the „Council of Content Providers and aggregators“ and member of „v.1.0 Thematic Network“ . IMI-BAS is able to conduct an interdisciplinary professional training on digitization, incl. by distance when necessary. In September 2011 in our labs we are starting a Master program on ‘Digitization and digital libraries’ (in collaboration with University of Library Studies and IT). For specialized training we are using IMI Innovation Center for Software Technologies ‘INTEL Education’, which is equipped with multicore Intel CPUs last generation, four multicore servers and 22 work stations. In the context of Europeana and Laboratory profile such specialised training could be oriented mainly for specialists from cultural heritage holders (archives, libraries, galleries, museums). In this respect DSCH Laboratory is open for collaboration (for contact: K. Ivanova, head )


Here we will publish news related our scientific seminar, projects and new initiatives. We welcome as lecturers in our seminar any expert in the field of digitization of scientific and cultural heritage.
For contact pls write to K. Sotirova.