13. International Autumn Tournament in Informatics,
Shumen, Bulgaria, 24-29 November 2021
(A - Seniors, B - Juniors)

Grading system results:

Day 1: AB.
Total of day 1 and day 2AB.
Medals: AB.
Tasks' Translations
A day 1:
Tasks: A11_HeapsA12_MinersA13_News
Tests and author's solutions: A11_HeapsA12_MinersA13_News
Participants' solutions
A day 2:
Tasks: A21_HintA22_DeliveryA23_Rabbit
Tests and author's solutions: A21_HintA22_DeliveryA23_Rabbit
Participants' solutions
B day 1:
Tasks: B11_PrettyB12_WallB13_Sum_prod
Tests and author's solutions: B11_PrettyB12_Wall, B13_Sum_prod
Participants' solutions
B day 2:
Tests and author's solutions: B21_MonopolyB22_CuttingB23_Sss
Participants' solutions

Tasks can be used anywhere for any purpose,
but it should be mentioned that they are from
The International Tournament, Shumen, Bulgaria, 2021

Scientific committee of the tournament: Emil Kelevedjiev (chairman),
Petar Petrov,
Iliyan Yordanov, Emil Indjev, Encho Mishinev, Rusko Shikov