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Information Systems Department
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About us

The main scientific and applied interests of Information systems department are:
  • standardization and interoperability in electronic delivery of scientific and cultural heritage;
  • building and maintaining archives of scientific information;
  • creation of digital archives of cultural heritage;
  • databases, multimedia databases, information systems;
  • semantic image analysis;
  • data mining, knowledge discovery;
  • web technologies, computer games, Internet learning applications;
  • mobile technologies, applications for Android operating system;
  • etc.
    The Department is actively involved in building and maintaining a European infrastructure for free access to scientific information. Currently it has built the largest in Bulgaria archive of scientific journals in mathematics and informatics.
    The "Laboratory for digitization of scientific and cultural heritage" is part of the Information systems department.
    The main activities of the laboratory include the development of computer tools for the librarian and philological work in institutions of cultural memory, and work on the digitization of various types of artifacts from the scientific and cultural heritage as:
  • digitization of archives (documents of Archives State Agency, archives of High Attestation Commission, archive of Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, etc.);
  • personal archives (for instance: part of the personal archive of Marin Drinov, founder of the Academy of Sciences);
  • digitization of Bulgarian mathematical heritage as an integral part of the World Digital Mathematics Library (archive volumes of Serdica Mathematical Journal, PLISKA Studia Mathematica Bulgarica, Mathematica Balkanica);
  • digitization of old Bulgarian music periodicals (magazines Gusla, Gaida, A.S.O., Bulgarska kitka, Music Education, etc.);
  • old printed books (Stemmatography (1764), Riben bukvar (1824), Prvichka gramatichka (1844), Short Bulgarian History (1861), Veda slovena (1881), Notes on Bulgarian Uprisings (1887), and others together with the National Library "Ivan Vazov", Plovdiv);
  • old newspapers (Mir, Scorpion, Lampion, etc.);
  • photographic collections ("Architectural competitions in Sofia from 1878 to 1944", jointly with the Centre for Architectural BAS).
  • Till now there are scanned and processed more than 100 000 documents.


    Teaching activities

    The members of the department have been engaged in teaching activities at Sofia University, Plovdiv University, New Bulgarian University, etc. They are authors of many educational programs, courses and textbooks in the area of Computer Science. Members of the Department have been scientific advisors to more than 300 graduate students and PhD students from Bulgaria and abroad.



    The Information Systems Department originates from Computer-Aided Programming group formed in July 1963 within the Numerical Methods Department at the Institute of Mathematics of BAS. In November, 1968 the Department on Computer-Aided Programming was established from this group. Later, in February 1971, it was renamed to the "Computer Science Department". In 1995 was renamed to "Information Research Department". In 2009 it was renamed as "Information Systems Department". Since March 2011 the Laboratory for Digitization of Scientific and Cultural Heritage (former Digital Humanities Department) became part of the department. For 30 years, from 1976, the Department had been the main organizer of annual International Programming School as well as the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Programming.