Nelly Maneva, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Personal Records
Full Name Nelly Miltcheva Maneva
Date of Birth July 1-st, 19xx
Telephone ++359 2 979 2875

1968 - 1971 Mathematical School in Dobrich
1971 - 1976 Faculty of Mathematics, University of Sofia

Academic qualifications
1976 MSc in Theoretical Computer Science, University of Sofia
1989 PhD in Computer Science, Thesis: "Program Analysis and Quality Evaluation"

English Very good
Russian Good

Professional record
1976 - 1995 Researcher, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1995 - present Senior Researcher with the same organization
1994 - present Professor, International University, Sofia

Participation in projects
1987 - 1997 International project “Software engineering for computers of the new generation”, member of the Bulgarian team
1988 - 1998 Research projects on software process models and software quality assurance - funded by the Ministry of Education and Science (member of the group)
1993 - 1998 DAT, ARGUS and STORYIST software development projects with Dornier Gmd, Germany, (member of the Bulgarian group)
1997 - present Three joint projects with the Faculty of Management, University of Tel Aviv  - on information systems development and evaluation (member of the Bulgarian group)
2001 Research and course development on Usability and Software Engineering, as a visiting researcher at the Institute for Autonomous Intelligent systems of the German National Research Center for Information Technology

Teaching activities
1996 - 2000

Bourgas Free University, University of Plovdiv, South Western University in Blagoevgrad – course on Software Engineering

1999 - 2004 American University in Bulgaria
Courses: Software Engineering, Advanced Software Engineering, Introduction to Programming, Software and Marketing
1996 - present

New Bulgarian University – course on Software Engineering

1994 - present International University, Sofia
Courses: Introduction to Computer Science, Information Technologies, Business skills

Other positions and activities:
1989 Deputy Chairman of the Jury of the First International Olympiad in Informatics, held in Pravetz, Bulgaria
2000 - present Member of the Scientific Committee  of the High School Students Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

Recent publications
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