Krassimira Ivanova

Member of
Information Systems Department
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Bulgarian Academy of Science

Main Topics of Interests Data Mining, Image Retrieval, Data Bases, Information Systems,
Digitization of Cultural Heritage, Disaster Risk Management, Analysis of Economical Processes
Education Sofia University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics; Magister Mathematician; specialty Computer Science (1988)
Methodology of Teaching Mathematics (1992)
Accounting (1998)
PhD Degree Belgium, Hasselt University, Faculty of Sciences;
November 2011
Theme: A Novel Method for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Art Image Collections Utilizing Color Semantics
Promoters: Prof. Dr. Koen Vanhoof and Prof. D.Sci Peter Stanchev
Project Participation 04.2016-03.2019: Project 730009 Scientix 3 "The community for Science Education in Europe 3", Horizon 2020-EU.5.a

01.2013-03.2016: Project 337250 Scientix 2 "The community for Science Education in Europe 2", FP7: CSA-SA - Support actions

02.2012-12.2013: Project OUTLAND "Open protocols and tools for the edUcation and Training of voLuntary organisations in the field of Civil Protection, against nAtural Disasters (forest fires) in Greece and Bulgaria", ETCP "Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013"

12.2011-05.2014: Project RI-283595 OpenAIRE+ "2nd Generation Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE+)", FP7-Grant agreement for: Combination of CP and CSA

2011-2014: Joint research project "Content Presentation and Services Integration in Czech and Bulgarian Mathematical Digital Libraries", between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Czech Academy of Sciences

12.2009-11.2012: Project RI-246686 OpenAIRE "Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe", in the frame FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2009-1

06.2009-05.2012: Transnational Interreg project "Monitor II - Practical Use of Monitoring in Natural Disaster Management", financed by the European regional development fund with the programme South East Europe

2009-2011: Project DO 02‑308 "Automated Metadata Generating for e-Documents Specifications and Standards", financed by Bulgarian National Science Fund

2009-2011: Join research project "High Level Semantic Retrieval in Web based Multimedia Systems" with the Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009-2010: Project No: R 1875 "Search in Art Image Collections Based on Color Semantics", financed by Hasselt University

2007-2009: Join research project "High Level Semantic Retrieval in Multimedia Systems" with the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI), CNR, Italy

2000-2001: Project No: 2034/1346/2000 "Pedagogical Approaches and Information Technologies: Social Aspects, Environments, Support, Interconnections". Research Support Scheme of the Open Society Support Foundation. Prague, Petersburg, Sofia