INTERNATIONAL Tournament in Informatics
24-27 November 2016, Shumen, Bulgaria



Standing: Junior, Senior
Tasks: Junior, Senior
Tests and author solutions: Junior, Senior
Source of the participants: Junior, Senior


About the Tournament: The Autumn Tournament in Informatics (established in the town of Shumen since 2001) is Bulgarian National High School Competition. Starting from the year 2009, the Tournament became International. The sites of the previous International Competitions in Shumen are: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

In this year edition, the arriving day is 24-th of November (Thursday), the meeting day is 25-th (Friday), the competition day is 26-th (Saturday) and the departure day is 27-th (Sunday). The meeting for task translation will be in the evening of the 25-th November. The closing ceremony will be in the morning of the departure day.

Our international guests are invited to participate with two teams: juniors (with students born after the 31-st December 2000) and seniors. The accommodation cost is 27 Euros per person per diem in double rooms (37 Euros in a single room) covering the full board.

The venue is Shumen Hotel, situated in the center of the town of Shumen (see scalable Google map).

Chair of the Scientific Committee: Emil Kelevedjiev. Members: Rusko Shikov, Pavlin Peev and Mladen Manev.

Chair of the Technical Committee: Anton Shikov.

Environment: Software and Hardware for the competitors are expected to be similar to those used at the IOI-style competitions, i.e. Windows 7 (Code::blocks) and Ubuntu.

Brief description of the schedule:

- Thursday, 24.11.2016, Arrival

- Friday, 25.11.2016, Sightseeing; Meeting and Discussion; 21:30-24:00 Tasks Translation (Shumen Hotel)

- Saturday, 26.11.2016, 8:00-13:00 Competition

- Sunday, 27.11.2016, 9:00-10:00 Closing Ceremony

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