Organized by:

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Nowadays, mathematical research is closely related to the development of appropriate software. This also applies to combinatorial objects and methods for their study. The aim of the seminar is to present new algorithms and software developments in the field of combinatorics, results achieved with such software and other useful information.

Programme committee:

I. Bouyukliev (IMI, V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

V. Bakoev (V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

D. Bikov (Stip, Macedonia)

N. Yankov (Shumen, Bulgaria)

Topics of interest:

 Mathematical software in the field of combinatorics and results of its use.

 Parallelization of combinatorial algorithms and implementation in software packages

 Code optimization - compilers, hardware, accelerators, etc.

Organizing committee:

S. Topalova (IMI, V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

S. Zhelezova (IMI, V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

M. Pashinska (IMI, V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria)


Mathematical Software and Combinatorial Algorithms

National Seminar with International Participation