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Permanent colloquiums and seminars organized by IMI Departments:

  • Algebra and Logic - organized by the Algebra and Logic Department following the merger of the departments of Algebra and Mathematical Logic in 2011.

  • Approximation Theory - organized by the Mathematical Modeling Department.

  • Artificial Intelligence - organized by the Artificial Intelligence Department, held every month.

  • Biomathematics and Scientific Computations - organized by the Biomathematics Department, held biweekly.

  • Coding Theory - organized by the Department of Mathematical Foundations of Informatics.

  • Colloquium of Mathematical Logic - organized by the Department of Algebra and Logic, jointly with the Department of Mathematical Logic and Applications of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University.

  • Computational Mathematics - organized by the Computational Mathematics Department.

  • Didactical Modeling - organized by the Education in Mathematics and Informatics Department, held biweekly on Monday at 14:30 in room 478 of IMI.

  • Differential Equations - organized by the Differential Equations Department, held every Wednesday at 14:15 in room 478 of IMI.

  • Digital Humanities - organized by the Humanities Informatics Department, held on Monday at 14:00 in the Multimedia Room of IMI.

  • Information Society - organized by the Mathematical Foundation of Informatics.

  • Information Systems - organized by the Information Systems Department, held monthly.

  • Mathematical Foundation of Informatics - organized by the Mathematical Foundation of Informatics Department.

  • National Mathematics Colloquium - organized by the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.

  • National Seminar on Probability and Statistics - organized by the Department of Probability and Statistics, held on Wednesdays at 15:00 in room 403 of IMI.

  • Operations Research - organized by the Operations Research Department, held biweekly on Tuesday at 14:00 in room 403 of IMI.