(1886 - 1963)
    Lubomir Tschakaloff was born on February 18, 1886 in the town of Samokov, in a poor and large family with 11 children. His father was a homespun tailor.

    Lubomir Tschakaloff finished high school in the town of Plovdiv where one of his brothers worked and could see him through his studies there. Following his strong desire to pursue mathematics, in the autumn of 1904 Lubomir Tschakaloff walked the way from Samokov to Sofia to enroll in the University. He graduated with honors from the Department of Mathematics and Physics in June 1908, but in the period 1907-1908 (when Sofia University was closed) he studied in Zagreb and Belgrade. He then worked for a year at the First Sofia Male High School. Since 1909 Lubomir Tschakaloff became a full-time assistant at Sofia University.