The Bulgarian. National Committee for URSI (URSI-BG) represents bulgarian radio scientists in URSI. The URSI-Bg encourages studies in radio science, provides a forum for the dissemination of research findings, and provides an organizational infrastructure for the radio science community in Bulagaria.

URSI-BG and URSI have ten Commissions:
  • A        Electromagnetic Metrology;
  • B        Fields and Waves
  • C        Radio Communication Systems and Signal Processing
  • D        Electronic and Photonics
  • E        Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
  • F        Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
  • G        Ionospheric Radio Propagation
  • H        Waves in Plasmas
  • J          Radio Astronomy
  • K        Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine
Blagovest Shishkov
President of URSI - BG

Sponsored by:
UNION RADIO-SCIENTIFIQUE INTERNATIONALE       Bulgarian Academy of Sciences     Institute of Mathematics and Informatics       Technical University of Sofia
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