Rocky Cultural - Historical Heritage "The Holy Path"
Evgeni Koev
pp. 95 - 109
Title: Rocky Cultural - Historical Heritage "The Holy Path"
Authors: Evgeni Koev

Abstract: The path, on which the relics of St. Ivan (John) of Rila were carried in 1469, from Veliko Tarnovo, through Nicopol and Sofia, to the Rila Monastery, goes through some regions, which have a wide diversity in natural geographical and cultural-historical features. Some of the most impressive parts of the route are the karst regions, in which there is a rock-hewn, cultural-historical heritage that still exists today and is of great interest. The examination and the recording of the data from this pilgrim route The Holy Path would be a good ground for its thorough research, preservation and exposure in a way which would increase its attractiveness.

Keywords: The Holy Path, Karst Regions, Rock-Hewn Heritage, Cultural-Historical Heritage, Pilgrim Route

Received: 31-03-2020     Accepted: 29-05-2020     Published: 29-05-2020

Citation: Koev, E. (2020). Rocky Cultural - Historical Heritage "The Holy Path". Cultural and Historical Heritage: Preservation, Presentation, Digitalization (KIN Journal), 6(1), ISSN 2367-8038, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 95–109. DOI: