Visual Arts and Digital Technologies
Boyan Blazhev
pp. 191 - 207
Title: Visual Arts and Digital Technologies
Authors: Boyan Blazhev

Abstract: With the advent and dissemination of digital technologies, devices and means in the middle of the twentieth century, dramatic changes occurred in all spheres of life. The data reporting environment is changing and the era of new media is approaching. Digital technologies and the global network have a fundamental impact on culture, traditions and art.
In this context, in terms of visual art, digital technologies allow for the emergence of new artistic practices that take their place next to classical art activities. Leading the way is the idea that digital technology is not just a tool, but rather a creation process, thus focusing on the concept inspired by the digital context rather than on the means expressed. In modernity, visual art and scientific achievements live in harmony.

Keywords: Digital Art; Art; Virtual Reality (VR); Technological Innovations; Net Art; Artificial Intelligence (AI); New Media Art

Received: 02-04-2021     Accepted: 27-10-2021     Published: 07-12-2021

Citation: Blazhev, B. (2021). Visual Arts and Digital Technologies. Cultural and Historical Heritage: Preservation, Presentation, Digitalization (KIN Journal), 7(2), ISSN 2367-8038, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 191–207. DOI: