Perspective of Education – Value-Oriented Rethinking
Lilia Lozanova
pp. 203 - 210
Title: Perspective of Education – Value-Oriented Rethinking
Authors: Lilia Lozanova

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to present some arguments for the need for value-oriented rethinking of education, as well as highlights in regulations of international institutions, which proclaim a value-oriented approach.

Keywords: Education, Values, Value Education, International Normative Documents

Received: 28-02-2022     Accepted: 29-06-2022     Published: 30-06-2022

Citation: Lozanova, L. (2022). Perspective of Education – Value-Oriented Rethinking. Cultural and Historical Heritage: Preservation, Presentation, Digitalization (KIN Journal), 8(1), ISSN 2367-8038, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 203–210. DOI: