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      Science Series "Innovative STEM Education", Volume 2, 2020
ISSN: 2683-1333
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Table of Content
Section I. Modern Methods and Technologies in the Field of Cardiology
Mitko Gospodinov
Investigation of the Application of New Mathematical Methods for the Analysis of Cardiac Data

pages 7-12      

Krasimir Cheshmedzhiev
A Photoplethysmography Signals Registering Device

pages 13-20      

Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva
Application of Linear Methods for Analysis of Heart Rate Variability

pages 21-27      

Evgeniya Gospodinova
Application of Methods from Nonlinear Dynamics for Heart Rate Variability Analysis

pages 28-35      

Section II. Application of Innovative Technologies in Healthcare and Other Scientific Fields
Yordan Shterev Ivanov
Health Aspects of Modern Wireless Technology

pages 36-47      

Galina Bogdanova, Todor Todorov, Nikolay Noev
Methods for Semantic Description of Digital Data in the Field of Medical Systems

pages 48-55      

Ekaterina Popovska, Mitko Gospodinov
Fractal Behavior in Bulgarian Day-Ahead Prices Based on Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

pages 56-64      

Section III. Innovative Educational Technologies
Diana Dimitrova
Innovative Technologies in Teaching of Healthcare at the Medical University – Varna

pages 65-69      

Penio Lebamovski
Model of a Stereoscopic System for Stereometry Training in Middle and Upper Course

pages 70-78      

Stefka Bouyuklieva, Stoyan Kapralov
The Compmath Competition: Solving Math Problems With Computer Algebra Systems

pages 79-83      

Gabriela Chotova, Ivaylo Donchev
System of Informatics Tasks with Control of Physical Systems – Lego Robot

pages 84-91      

Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva
Application of Serious Educational Games in the Educational Process in Bulgaria

pages 92-97      

Kaloyan Nikolov
Structuring of Databases when Building a Network Active Matrix and Visualization of a Rating Assessment System through a Mathematical Model

pages 98-105      

Vesela Georgieva
Development of Information Technologies and Their Impact on the Educational Functions of Museums

pages 106-112      

Stefan Parvanov, Svilena Arabadzhieva
Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment and Preventive Measures at Specific Sites

pages 113-122      

Neven Boyanov
Tinusaur – Simultaneous Teaching of Programming, Mathematics and Physics

pages 123-128      

Veselin Vavrek
Comfort as an Incentive for Scientific Research

pages 129-135      

Yuri Stoynov
Develop of Expert System for Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Mastitis

pages 136-146      

Galina Bogdanova, Boyan Pehchev, Liana Galabova
Problems of Technological Culture Along Glocal Resocialisation of Recent Civilisational Processes

pages 147-159