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      Science Series "Innovative STEM Education", Volume 3, 2021
ISSN: 2683-1333
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Table of Content
Section I. Modern Methods and Technologies in the Field of Cardiology
Mitko Gospodinov, Evgeniya Gospodinova, Penio Lebamovski
Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Using Photopletismnographic and Electrocardiographic Signals

pages 7-12      

Krasimir Cheshmedzhiev
Registering and Processing of a Photoplethysmography Signals

pages 13-19      

Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva
Cardiological Data Analysis Algorithms Based on Wavelet Theory

pages 20-27      

Evgeniya Gospodinova, Penio Lebamovski
Graphic Methods for Automatic Analysis of Nonlinear Characteristics of ECG Signals

pages 28-33      

Section II. Accessibility technologies for people with special needs
Mirena Todorova - Ekmekci
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation on Sites Requiring Accessibility

pages 37-48      

Negoslav Sabev
Theoretically Conceptual Model for Accessibility: Subject-Object Model

pages 49-56      

Maya Dimitrova, Aleksandar Krastev, Tsvete Yaneva, Elena-Blagoeva Hasarbassanova
Cognitive Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems for Pedagogical Rehabilitation: Towards a “STEAM” Approach to Inclusive Education

pages 57-63      

Zhivko Tomov
Investigation of Accessibility of Some Frequently Use Rapid Aplication Development Environments

pages 64-71      

Svilena Arabadjieva, Stefan Parvanov
Influence of Geometric Indexes of Escape Routes Over Evacuation of People from Buildings and Facilities

pages 72-82      

Galina Bogdnova, Liana Galabova
Pandemic Models of Accessibility and Integration

pages 83-97      

Section III. Innovative technologies in education and other scientific fields
T. V. Gopal
Robotz India - Increasing Innovation in Schools

pages 101-108      

Alexey Goloshumov, Svetlana Mikhailova, Michael Pozhidaev, Elena Teplykh
LUWRAIN Books: DAISY for Schools

pages 109-111      

Aleksandra Djukić, Jugoslav Joković, Branislav Antonić, Jana Zdravković, Nikola Ilić
Creating а Digital Atlas for Heritage Cities and Towns Along the Danube

pages 112-123      

Todor Todorov, Shpend Lutfiu
Exchanging the Cybersecurity Information through Public and Private Partnership

pages 124-130      

Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva, Elena Shatko
Exploring the Processes of Interaction Between Creators of Serious Educational Games and Learners Using Them

pages 131-137      

Diana Dimitrova, Galina Bogdanova
Impact of Online Teaching on Motivation to Learn

pages 138-145      

Iliya Bouyukliev
On the Calculation of the Minimum Distance of a Linear Code

pages 146-150      

Maria Pashinska, Iliya Bouyukliev
Utilizing AVX Instruction Set for Optimizing Algorithms for Weight Characteristics of Binary Linear Code

pages 151-156      

Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva
Creating Models of Serious Educational Games for the Purpose of Medical Training

pages 157-163      

Yordan Shterev Ivanov
Change of Schumane Frequencies

pages 164-171      

Lilia Lozanova
Media Literacy in the Context of Media Consumption of High School Students

pages 172-182      

Vesela Georgieva
The Role of e-Government and Digitalization for the Museum Development in Bulgaria

pages 183-192      

Veselin Vavrek
Experimental Desktop Development Computer

pages 193-197