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"Old History of
Fractional Calculus"
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"Recent History of
Fractional Calculus"

Fract. Calc. Appl. Anal. (FCAA),
Print ISSN 1311-0454, Electronic ISSN 1314-2224

Managing Editor

Virginia Kiryakova (IMI-BAS, Sofia - Bulgaria)

Editorial Board

Founding Publisher (1998 - 2010) and Supporting Organization (1998 - now):
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI - BAS),
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia - Bulgaria

Current Publisher (since 2015, vol. 18): De Gruyter GmbH, Berlin- Boston:
Any other websites are FAKE!

Some anonymous criminals tried to steal the identity of this journal by sending false invitations to submit papers to FCAA, acceptance letters asking to pay publication fees to a bank account to a Turkish bank or by other means.

They use FALSE ADDRESSES for correspondence, as (but can vary to new inventions): (FAKE!) and (FAKE!); and have created a fake website like: (FAKE!)
with stolen FCAA contents, that was stopped end of December 2017.
Now, they started to ask publication fees!

We declare that neither Ed.-in-Chief Prof. Virginia Kiryakova, nor the Publishers DG, are sending such messages and there are no publication fees for FCAA journal. We do not take any responsibilities for submissions and payments sent to these criminals.

The only way for submitting papers to FCAA is described on the official website:

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