About Me

Academic background and qualification

•  Ph.D.— Informatics and Applied Mathematics, IMI–BAS ( 2001 )
•  M.Sc.— Mathematics, Sofia University (1969 )
•  Warsaw Institute of Computer Science , Polish Academy of Sciences (1978-79)

Fields of interest

•  Developing Logo microworlds and models for integrating the learning and the creative processes
•  Methodological issues of using Information Technology in teaching Mathematics, Languages, Music, Science, Arts
•  Applying Informatics and ICT in Primary and Secondary School;
•  Methodological support of projects for linking Bulgarian and foreign students in collaborative studies via INTERNET


IFIP Outstanding Services Award, (1991)
Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics competition – Third prize
Siemens certificate for working with young talents in mathematics and science (2003)

Teaching experience

•  Since 1997 – tutor in the Research Science Institute ( RSI ) organized by the Center of Excellence in Education ( CEE ) in collaboration with MIT (USA) – a summer program for high school students with special interests in mathematics and science

•  Since 1985 – pre-service and in-service teacher training courses on Logo and its application to the primary and secondary education (held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – Sofia
University , University of Veliko Tarnovo , Bourgas Free University );

•  1994 – lecturer in a summer school in Antalia , Turkey , in the frames of a TEMPUS project; lecturer in the teacher training centres in Warsaw and Thorn ( Poland )

•  1994 - lecturer in the teacher training centres in Warsaw and Thorn ( Poland )

•  1991 – participation in the UNESCO/UNDP Project SYR/86/012 "Introduction of Informatics in Secondary Education" by preparing a course of lectures in "Educational Informatics", read in two Teacher Training Centres Alepo and Damsacus in Syria

•  1990 – participation in a two-week Teacher-Training Course on using Logo in the primary education, held in Hartford , USA .

•  1989 – lecturer in the Training Course for Educational Specialists in the frames of the Intergovernmental Informatics Programme – UNESCO, Varna, Bulgaria.

•  1970-1976 – Calculus and Numerical Methods at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University