1. Computational Issues in Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems
    P.Arbenz (Switzerland),
    H.A. van der Vorst (The Netherlands),

  2. Combustion Modeling in Industrial Furnaces
    M.Carvalho (Portugal),
    P.Stankov (Bulgaria),

  3. Monte Carlo Methods
    I.Dimov (Bulgaria),

  4. Multilevel Methods for Incompressible Viscous Flows
    D.Drikakis (UK),
    O.Goyon (UK),

  5. Approximation of Nonlinear and Functional PDEs
    H.Leszczynski (Poland),

  6. Solving Linear Systems with Error Control
    Ch.Ullrich (Switzerland),
    S.Markov (Bulgaria),
    N.Dimitrova (Bulgaria),

  7. Regular Numerical Methods for Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems
    V.Vasin (Russia),

  8. Multifield Problems
    W.Wendland (Germany),

  9. Parallel and Distributed Numerical Computing with Applications
    T.Yang (Sweden),
    H.X.Lin (The Netherlands),

  10. Parameter-Robust Numerical Methods for Singularly Perturbed and Convection-Dominated Problems
    O.Axelsson (The Netherlands),
    P.W.Hemker (The Netherlands),
    G.I.Shishkin (Russia),

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