Conference Schedule

Conference Openning
Wednesday, August 19 8:30 Auditorium 65 of the Rectorat of the Sofia University

Scientific Programme
Time Wednesday, Aug. 19 Thursday, Aug. 20 Friday, Aug. 21 Saturday, Aug. 22 Sunday, Aug. 23
9:00 R.Ewing R.Lazarov M.Wheeler O.Axelsson Z.Zlatev
H.van der Vorst W.Wendland J.Bramble V.Thomee Bl.Sendov
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 M1: P.Arbenz M.Griebel R.Fedorenko M.Kaschiev J.Whiteman L.Xanthis M10: P.Hemker T6 M2 M6 T2
M1: B.Philippe M.Schaefer M8: S.Rjasanow L.Perkins M5: Z.Kamont M10: G.Shishkin
13:00 Excursion
14:00 M1 T3 T11 T14 M8 M3 T6 T1 T13 M3 M10 T2 T9 M2 M6 M4
15:40 Coffee break Coffee break
16:10 M1, T7 M7 T8 T10 M8 M3 T8 M9 T4 M3 M10 M5 T1 T12, T14 T11 T8, M7
19:00 Welcome party Conference dinner

Note, some changes may become necessary depending of the number of speakers.

Registration and Social Programme
Tuensday, August 18 13:00-22:00 Registration at the Conference Site
August 19-22 12:30-13:30 Registration at the Conference Site
Wednesday, August 19 19:00 Welcome party
Thursday, August 20 9:00 Sightseeing tour in Sofia for acompanying persons
Friday, August 21 13:00 Exscursion to Koprivshtitsa and dinner
Saturday, August 22 19:00 Conference Dinner

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