Second Announcement and Call for Papers

4th International Conference on
Numerical Methods and Applications: NMA'98
August 19 - 23, 1998, Sofia, BULGARIA

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,

in cooperation with
is organizing the 4th International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications. The first three conferences served as a forum where scientists from the strongest research groups from the East and the West were provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and establish research cooperation. We plan to continue this tradition.
During the conference NMA'98 a wide range of problems concerning recent achievements in numerical methods and their applications in mathematical modeling will be discussed. We also plan to provide a forum for exchange of ideas between scientists who develop and study numerical methods, and researchers who use them for solving real life problems.

Honorary Chairman of the Conference: Blagovest Sendov (Bulgaria)
International Program Committee:
Chairman: Michail Kaschiev (Bulgaria)
H.Niederreiter (Austria), I.Dimov, S.Radev (Bulgaria), Z.Zlatev (Denmark), P.G.Ciarlet, B.Philippe (France), M.Griebel, W.Hackbusch, U.Jaekel, S.Rjasanow, M.Schaefer, W.Wendland (Germany), O.Axelsson, P.Hemker, H.A.van der Vorst (The Netherlands), Z.Kamont, J.Popenda (Poland), B.N.Chetverushkin, R.P.Fedorenko, S.K.Godunov, S.P.Kurdyumov, Yu.P.Popov, I.V.Puzynin, A.A.Samarskii, P.N.Vabishchevich (Russia), V.Thomee (Sweden), J.R.Whiteman, L.Xanthis (UK), J.H.Bramble, R.E.Ewing, L.Perkins, M.F.Wheeler (USA), R.Lazarov (USA/Bulgaria), Yu.A.Kuznetsov (USA/Russia)

Conference Topics:
(1) Finite difference methods; (8) Numerical methods for non-linear problems;
(2) Finite element methods; (9) Numerical methods for multiscale problems;
(3) Finite volume methods; (10) Multigrid and domain decomposition;
(4) Boundary element methods; (11) Computational fluid dynamics;
(5) Monte Carlo methods; (12) Mathematical modeling in structural mechanics;
(6) Numerical linear algebra; (13) Environmental modelling;
(7) Parallel computing; (14) Engineering applications;
(15) Minisymposia.

List of key and invited lecturers, who accepted invitation of the Org.Committee:
O.Axelsson (The Netherlands), J.H.Bramble (USA), B.N.Chetverushkin (Russia), R.E.Ewing (USA), R.P.Fedorenko (Russia), S.K.Godunov (Russia), M.Griebel (Germany), P.W.Hemker (The Netherlands), U.Jaekel (Germany), Z.Kamont (Poland), S.P.Kurdyumov (Russia), Yu.A.Kuznetsov (USA/Russia), R.Lazarov (USA/Bulgaria), H.Niederreiter (Austria), L.Perkins (USA), B.Philippe (France), Yu.P.Popov (Russia), I.V.Puzynin (Russia), S.Rjasanow (Germany), A.A.Samarskii (Russia), M.Schaefer (Germany), V.Thomee (Sweden), P.N.Vabishchevich (Russia), H.A.van der Vorst (The Netherlands), W.Wendland (Germany), M.F.Wheeler (USA), J.R.Whiteman (UK), L.Xanthis (UK), Z.Zlatev (Denmark)

List of the organized minisymposia:

Organizing Committee:
Chairmen: Oleg Iliev and Panayot Vassilevski (Bulgaria)
P.Binev, A.Karaivanova, M.Koleva, N.Kol'kovska, I.Lirkov, S.Margenov, S.Petrova, D.Vassileva, P.Yalamov (Bulgaria), M.Nikolova (The Netherlands), I.Bazhlekov, M.Neytcheva (The Netherlands/Bulgaria), A.Q.M.Khaliq, M.Paprzycki (USA), P.Entchev, L.Zikatanov (USA/Bulgaria)

Conference Presentations:
The conference will include key and invited lectures, as well as contributed talks. Duration of the presentations will be tentatively 45, 35, and 25 min. A conference rule is that each participant will personally present no more then one talk. Presentation of posters will be considered, as well. The conference language will be English.

People wishing to present a paper in a field related to the conference topics are invited to submit two hard copies of the paper, and its electronic version in LaTeX format by e-mail. The deadline is March 15, 1998. Papers should not exceed 12 pages for key and invited lectures, and 8 pages for contributed talks. Notification of acceptance and mandatory format of the final manuscript will be sent around May 15, 1998.

Conference Proceedings:
Proceedings (in a book form), of only refereed and presented at the conference papers, will be published.

Abstracts (of a maximum 1 page) are required from all participants wishing to present a talk at the conference. Abstracts have to be sent as ASCII files via e-mail. The deadline is March 15, 1998.

Registration Fees:
The conference fee will cover booklet of abstracts, excursion, conference dinner, reception, transportation from and to airport, as well as expenses for publishing of the submitted papers. The proceedings volume will be available at additional cost (to be specified later, subject to negotiations with the Publisher).

Conference fee is
before June 15, 1998 after June 15, 1998
Non-students 180 US dollars 230 US dollars
Students 100 US dollars 120 US dollars

The fee for accompanying persons is $80 per person, and it will cover excursion, welcome party, conference dinner, transportation from and to airport.

Payments before August 18, 1998 are to be transferred to the conference account:
Payments at the registration desk should be made in cash.

Special price accommodation is available through the appointed Conference agent:
Please, before March 15th, 1998 send to the address above information about your preliminary choice from the following possibilities (the prices are per night and in all cases the breakfast is included):
single room double room
two stars under $40 under $60
three stars under $50 under $80
three stars, more comfortable over $50 under $100
other (specify)

Please indicate: Participant in NMA'98 Conference.
More detailed information about the available hotel accommodation will be sent to you after receiving this preliminary information.

Note: For low price accommodation in student dormitory rooms (no amenities), please, contact directly the Organizing Committee.

Submission of abstracts, papers and registration forms: March 15, 1998
Contact the accommodation agent: March 15, 1998
Notification of acceptance of full papers/presentations: May 15, 1998

Note: The deadline for submission of final accommodation forms to the Conference appointed agent TIR JSC is July 15, 1998.

Registration Form:
An on-line registration form is available.

For further information respond to the e-mail address: ,
or check either of our WWW-pages:

The mailing address of the Organizing Committee can also be used:

NMA'98, c/o Dr. Oleg Iliev
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl.8, 1113 Sofia, BULGARIA

Fax-No. (++359 2) 971 36 49

E-mail communication is preferred.

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