Information about Public Transport in Sofia

Public transportation consists of buses, trams and trolleybuses. Most vehicles come every 10-15 min., but there is not a definite schedule that you can rely on. Sometimes they are very crowded.

Tickets. The ticket price is one and the same for all public transport vehicles (250 leva) and one ticket covers only a single trip. The tickets are sold at special pavilions at the stops, at newspaper stands and other shops, as well as by the drivers of the public transport vehicles. You have to punch them immediately after entering the vehicle. If you intend to travel longer changing lines and means of transport, it would be more convenient to buy a public transport card (1000 leva for a day, 4200 leva for 5 days), which can be used on all lines and all kinds of the city's public transport network.

Taxis. All cabs are required to have the rate per kilometer on their front window and some really do have. However, taxi drivers love to cheat on foreigners.

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Information about Public Transport in Sofia
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