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Bulgarian Statistical Society

The Bulgarian Statistical Society (BSS) is a professional and learned society devoted to the interests of statistics and statisticians. It is a non-profit institution founded in the spring of 1991 and it is one of the influential and prestigious statistical societies in Bulgaria. The Society has an international membership, and is active in a wide range of areas both directly and indirectly pertaining to the study and application of statistics. BSS has by now about 80 members, mainly statisticians from universities.
The Society's main purposes is to promote the discipline of statistics by disseminating and encouraging statistical knowledge and good practice with both producers and consumers of statistics, and in society at large.

The Society's mission is:
  • to disseminate knowledge in the field of statistics;
  • to maintain a high level of professional qualification;
  • to work for the enhancement of the social status of his members;
  • to work for the improvement of the educational standards.

  • The Society's activities include Regular Meetings, Publications and others:
  • The General Assembly.
    It is a regular meeting of the BSS. The Assembly elect the Coordination Board. A Bulletin of the BSS with current activities is distributed there. The official Web page is at http://www.math.bas.bg/~statlab/bsd/ .
  • Statistical Data Analysis.
    A five days annual seminar on data analysis, statistical methods, algorithms, computing, applications is held till 1987 and at the Black Sea near Varna. The proceedings of the seminar are available. The skipped years due to another statistical events as International Summer School of Probability and Statistics, First World Congress on Branching Processes, SMABS'94.
  • International Summer Conference on Probability and Statistics
    The conference is organised as continuation of the Summer School and joint event with Seminar on Statistical Data Analysis. The last meeting took place 17-28.06.2004 in Sozopol. The proceedings are published and distributed in all over world libraries.
  • Kyrill Popoff Prize
    The "Kyrill A.Popoff" Prize is to be awarded to the best student in statistics graduating with a Master's degree at the Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski". It is established in 1995. A special Committee of the Bulgarian Statistical Society considers nominations and takes a decision. Honorific member of the Kyrill Popoff Prize Committee is Prof. Joseph Gani.
  • International projects and organizations
    The BSS and its members are involved in number of international projects as MathInd, ProENBIS, etc. The Society is presented in international institutions like ISI, IASC, IASE etc. as individual and affiliated members.

    Contact address:
    Ljuben Mutafchiev, Chairman of BSS
    8 Acad. G. Bonchev St.,
    1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
    fax: +359-2-9713649,
    e-maill: ljuben@aubg.bg