The Bulgarian Section of SIAM

The Bulgarian Section of SIAM (BGSIAM) was founded on January 18, 2007 and the accepted Rules of Procedure were officially approved by the SIAM Board of Trustees on July 15, 2007. The activities of BGSIAM follow the general objectives of SIAM, as established in its Certificate of Incorporation. There are about 40 members of the BGSIAM Section including people from 3 Universities Sofia University, Russe University, Technical University of Gabrovo and 3 institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciecnes Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Institute for Parallel Processing of Information and Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy.

Realizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the role that applied mathematics plays in advancing science and technology in industry, we solicit the support of SIAM as the major international organization for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in order to promote the application of mathematics to science, engineering and technology in Republic of Bulgaria.

Four Annual Conferences of the Bulgarian Section of are regularly organized with the technical and financial support of SIAM. The host of these conferences is the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The plenary speakers were chosen due to their unique expertise in their field of applied mathematics, due to their outstanding scientific accomplishments and their renown as enticing speakers. The following topics were covered: Numerical Methods and Algorithms; Control Systems and Applications; Partial Differential Equations and Applications; Neurosciences (Neural Networks); Criptography, etc. During these conferences a wide range of problems concerning recent achievements in the field of industrial and applied mathematics were presented and discussed. The meetings provided a forum for exchange of ideas between scientists, who develop and study mathematical methods and algorithms, and researchers, who apply them for solving real life problems.

Participants from five universities, four institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and also from outside the traditional academic departments took part in the conferences. They represent most of the strongest Bulgarian research groups in the field of industrial and applied mathematics. The involvement of younger researchers is especially encouraged.