RPN in JavaScript


Links of Relevance

The current ‘ECMAScript Language Specification’, in two editions:
ISO/IEC 16262:2011(E)
Standard ECMA-262

A site about JavaScript, particularly dedicated to the standardization work on the language

Douglas Crockford's JavaScript: perhaps the single most informative place to look for JavaScript resources
A survey: there is more useful information on the language in this short text than in tons of printed books and web-located tutorials
Home page for JavaScript information at Mozilla Developer Center
JavaScript Guide
JavaScript Reference
Using the W3C DOM Level 1 Core

Yahoo!'s JavaScript Developer Center: various resources

JavaScript Basics: a summary of the language

Eloquent JavaScript.  A modern introduction to programming: an on-line book and an interactive coding environment; also in PDF

jQuery  dojo  Prototype  Rico  YUI  Ext JS  MochiKit  MooTools  qooxdoo  AngularJS 
JavaScript libraries/toolkits/frameworks for development of dynamic web applications

Knockout: a JavaScript library featuring declarative binding for DOM access

Narwhal: a general-purpose JavaScript library

Underscore.js: a library for functional programming in JavaScript

Closure: a code optimizer, a library, and a templating system for JavaScript from Google

RequireJS: a file and module loader for JavaScript

Jison: a clone of Yacc+Lex written in, and for use in, JavaScript

JSLint: a JavaScript program that checks the quality of JavaScript code

Node.js: event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript platform
introductory article
SpiderMonkey  V8  Duktape  DMDScript  GLUEscript  JSDB
Embeddable engines and standalone interpreters for JavaScript

CoffeeScript, also here: a compiler that provides different syntax for JavaScript
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): a widely used text format for the serialization of structured data based on the literal array and object notation of JavaScript (ECMAScript)

Lively Kernel: a web programming environment and computing kernel, an interactive application platform and an IDE built on JavaScript

Real-time 3D in JavaScript
Vector graphics in (nothing but a web browser and) JavaScript

three.js: a JavaScript 3D engine using HTML5/canvas, SVG and WebGL