Programming Languages

It is my intention to present each of the languages listed below in an overview and a set of informative and otherwise useful links. While the links are present, most of the overviews are still missing (place the mouse cursor over a language's name and see the indicator that pops up).

ABC Ada Algol 60 Algol 68 APL AWK Bash BASIC BCPL Bliss C C++ C# Cilk Clean CLU COBOL CPL D Dylan Eiffel Erlang Euphoria Factor Falcon Forth Fortran FP Go Haskell Hope Icon Io ISWIM J Java JavaScript Joy Julia K Lex & Yacc Lisp Logo Lua Mercury Miranda ML Modula/Oberon Nial Objective-C occam OmniMark Oz Pascal Perl PHP Plankalk├╝l PL/I Pop-11 PostScript Prolog Pure Python REBOL Refal Rexx Ruby Russell Rust Scala Scheme Self SETL Simula Smalltalk Snobol Tcl TXL U Vim script