RPN in Objective-C


Links of Relevance

The language description, as defined by Apple

A list of on-line articles on Objective-C; see e.g. this introduction to the language

Object-oriented Programming and the Objective-C Language: a book from NeXT (1996); also here in PDF

Two complementary FAQs on Objective-C

A tutorial

The manual for the GNU Objective-C language (very incomplete)

Links to Objective-C-related web pages

A Linux Journal article, with comments from readers; see esp. the one from ‘Canadian’

GNUstep programming mini tutorials (see below for GNUstep)

The GNU Compiler Collection has a front end for Objective-C
The Portable Object Compiler (POC): a set of Objective-C class libraries and a precompiler to C
Class libraries:
Foundation (containers, strings, etc.) and Application Kit (user interface components) frameworks for the Apple’s Cocoa
GNUstep: based on OpenStep specification
GNUstep Renaissance: runs on top of GNUstep or on top of Cocoa, providing a layer of portability
Objective-c Foundation Classes (OFC)
ObjectiveLib: provides for Objective-C a similar functionality to STL for C++
libFoundation: similar to OpenStep or to Cocoa’s Foundation
There is also the ObjPak library included with the POC (see above for the POC implementation)