RPN in Smalltalk


Links of Relevance

Smalltalk-related Web portals:
ESUG: the European Smalltalk User Group
Why Smalltalk is the Smart Choice
Smalltalk: Requiem or Resurgence? (an article in Doctor Dobb's Journal)

An article on the early history of Smalltalk

Freely available on-line books

A final draft of the ANSI Standard

Smalltalk: getting the message: an extensive (~70 pages) overview and tutorial
The GNU Smalltalk tutorial
The Squeak wiki
Smalltalk tutorial for Java programmers
Freely available implementations:
GNU Smalltalk
Cincom Smalltalk (formerly VisualWorks)
Smalltalk/X: an interpreter and compiler
Dolphin Smalltalk: Community Edition (MS Windows only)
VisualAge from IBM
VA Smalltalk: a VisualAge-compatible system (commercial, but trial copies freely available)
Smalltalk YX: a small, multi-platform, embeddable implementation of the standard
Smalltalk-based languages and programming platforms:
Strongtalk: a highly efficient, strongly typed language based on Smalltalk
Little Smallscript: a translator from Smalltalk to JavaScript
Susie: a scripting engine using Smalltalk
Seaside: a Squeak-based framework for developing web applications by using continuations
Croquet: a Squeak-based platform for creating collaborative multi-user online applications and virtual worlds