Scientific Program

Program Announcement

The program of the Congress will include talks, workshops, mini-courses, problem posing sessions, plenary talks, and other events. Much of the Congress’ work will center on the following four themes:

  • Building Bridges between Problems of Mathematical Research and Competitions (chaired by Alexander Soifer);
  • Creating Problems and Problem Solving (chaired by Krzysztof Ciesielski);
  • Competitions around the World (chaired by Maria Losada);
  • Technological Applications in Mathematics Competitions (chaired by Lukas Donner).

Participants are invited to submit proposals for talks, workshops, mini-courses, posters and other mathematical content. These should include titles, the names of authors or organizers, and clear concise descriptions.

Congress Program

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Tuesday, 19 July 2022 
UCT timeLocal time in SofiaTitle
1:00 pm4:00 pmRegistration (IMI building)
2:00 pm5:00 pmWelcome drinks
5:00 pm8:00 pmSee you tomorrow
Wednesday, 20 July 2022
UTC timeLocal time in SofiaTitle
6:00 am9:00 amOpening ceremony
7:00 am10:00 amPlenary P1
Peter Boyvalenkov (with Stanislav Harizanov): The Bulgarian experience in international mathematical competitions
8:00 am11:00 amCoffee Break
8:15 am11:15 amPresentations TGA
11:15 – 12:15 A. Soifer KEYNOTE - Mathematics, Its History, and Mathematical Olympiads: A Golden Braid
Presentations TGB
12:15-12:45 S. Blasberg Problem-posing strategies with examples
9:45 am12:45 pmLunch
11:15am2:15pmPresentations TGB
14:15-14:45 K. Bankov Homothety: Enlarging or Shrinking of Figures May Help
Presentations TGA
14:45– 15:30 A. Soifer - Scientific and World Affairs in the Soifer Mathematical Olympiad
12:30 pm3:30 pmCoffee Break
1:00 pm4:00 pmPresentations TGB:
16:00-16:40 K. Ciesielski KEYNOTE - Induction completes the proof
16:40-17:00 D. Nikolenkov Visualising Higher Dimensional Cubes or What Can a Binomial Formula (x+2)^n Show?
17:00-17:30 E. Fuchs, V. Fuchs, B. Kreuzer How to Find Infinitely Many Integers which Fulfill …
2:30 pm5:30 pmAdjourn - Happy Hour
Thursday, 21 July 2022
UTC timeLocal time in SofiaTitle
6:00 am9:00 amPlenary P2
Peter Kenderov (with Toni Chehlarova and G. Gachev) The online competition "Viva Mathematics” with computer
7:00 am10:00 amPresentations TGA
10:00-10:30 N. Safaei Mathematical Olympiad problems and Coding Theory: Development and proof of a critical hypothesis
10:30-11:00 A. Sarkar, E. Severson Investigating Novel Properties of Irrational k Descending Trees
8:00 am11:00 amCoffee Break
8:15 am11:15 amProblem development session I
Ivaylo Kortezov - Chair
9:45 am12:45 pmLunch
11:30 am2:30 pmPresentations TGB
14:30-15:00 M. Akveld, R. Geretschläger Folding Polygons and Knots
15:00-15:30 L. Donner, E. Lerchenberger It is (not) as easy as it seems – the role of distractors of specific tasks at the Mathematical Kangaroo
12:30 pm3:30 pmCoffee Break
1:00 pm4:00 pmPresentations TGB (on-line)
16:00-16:30 B. Bzdęga Wielkopolska Mathematical League
16:30-17:00 T. Shubin Problems with a hook and long legs
2:00 pm5:00 pmPresentations TGC
17:00-17:30 M. Losada KEYNOTE - The Iberoamerican Mathematics Olympiad History and Community
2:30 pm5:30 pmAdjourn - Happy Hour
Friday, 22 July 2022
Excursion day
Saturday, 23 July 2022
UTC timeLocal time in SofiaTitle
6:00 am9:00 amPlenary P3
Nairi Sedrakyan Selected author-created problems
7:00 am10:00 amPresentations TGC
10:00-10:30 R. Kós The History and Methodology of KÖMAL Competitions
10:30-11:00 M. Marinov Recent Developments on Problem Creation at the International Tournament of Young Mathematicians
8:00 am11:00 amCoffee Break
8:15 am11:15 amPresentations TGC
11:15-11:45 B. Lazarov, A Vassileva Giving Tradition a Trial – 30th Anniversary of Chernorizec Hrabar Tournament
11:45-12:15 D. Dimitrov, S. Petrova How Things Happen in 125th Secondary School
12:15-12:45 I. Tsvetkova Bulgarian National Competition ‘Discovery of Young Talents
9:45 am12:45 pmLunch
11:30 am2:30 pmProblem development session II
Ivaylo Kortezov - Chair
12:30 pm3:30 pmCoffee Break
1:00 pm4:00 pmPresentations TGC
16:00-16:30 E. Kolev, J. Tabov, N. Sybeva Statistical Analysis of Mathematical Competition ‘Ivan Salabashev’
1:30 pm4:30 pmPresentations TGD
16:30-17:30 M. Željko KEYNOTE - Information technologies and mathematical competitions
2:30 pm5:30 pmAdjourn - Happy Hour
Sunday, 24 July 2022
UTC timeLocal time in SofiaTitle
6:00 am9:00 amProblem development session III
Ivaylo Kortezov - Chair
7:30 am10:30 amPresentations TGD
10:30-10:45 E. Khinko Marking system for the electronic papers of the Tournament of Towns: possibilities for students, organizers and jury
10:45-11:00 S. Dorichenko, S. Shashkov A mass math circle during the COVID-19 pandemic: new educational and technological approaches
8:00 am11:00 amCoffee Break
8:15 am11:15 amPresentations TGD
11:15-11:45 Y. Tabesh, A. Zarkesh Mathematical Creativity in Metaverse (online)
11:45-12:15 E. Fuchs, B. Kreuzer Lessons Learned from Náboj online Competitions: Technical Requirements and Problem Selection
12:15-12:45 T. Sanders Designing and Implementing the World's First Interactive Online Math Contest: A Roadmap for Navigating the New Normal
9:45 am12:45 pmLunch
11:30 am2:30 pmGeneral Meeting of WFNMC I
12:30 pm3:30 pmCoffee Break
1:00 pm4:00 pmGeneral Meeting of WFNMC II
4:00 pm7:00 pmCongress Dinner
Tuesday, 25 July 2022