What is SRS?

SRS is a summer research school for high achieving teenagers with pronounced interests in the fields of mathematics, informatics (computer science) and ICT. It combines the best practices from leading programs for high school students in the field, such as RSI (organized by CEE and MIT), with the unique opportunities of a dynamic small-scale learning environment.

High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

High School Students Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (HSSIMI) identifies school students with inclination for doing research in mathematics and informatics and takes care for their development by organizing every year two conference-type contests (in January and April) and a Summer Research School (in August).

Who is eligible?

High school students aged 15 to 19 who have not yet completed their secondary education may apply for the program.

How to apply?

The online Application Form is now available and will be open until

  • April 30th, 2024 for international students
  • May 15th, 2024 for Bulgarian students

Scientific aspects

The students will work with scientific mentors, traditionally stemming from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and guests from international research universities in the fields of mathematics and informatics.

Each student will focus on a personal research topic, coming from challenging but viable field such as Combinatorics, Number Theory, Algebra, Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Modeling and others.

The program includes lectures on advanced scientific problems and modern technologies, meetings with representatives of the industry and different academic institutions, soft skills training and discussions on important issues such as ethics in science, responsible research and innovation.


The SRS team is planning to have a full three-week school in 2024. Applicants must be able to attend the school from start to end.

We are finally going back to the pre-Covid setting of our school and will have the full three weeks on site. It will not be possible to participate online this year. July 21st will be the arrival day in the city of Varna for all students. The school will be held at the Conference and Recreation Center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (aka the Creativity House of BAS). International students will be expected to arrive at Varna Airport on July 21st and to depart on August 10th).

Program costs

The complete participation fee is EUR 1480. The fee covers accommodation, meals, tuition fees for the entire duration of the school. It does not cover travel expenses to and from Bulgaria, medical insurance, out-of-pocket expenses, accommodation for extra nights, etc.


During its twenty years of existence, the High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (HSSIMI) has formed an extensive alumni network, with numerous young researchers and ICT professionals, currently studying and graduating from the highest ranking research universities (MIT, Princeton, Oxford, MGU, Harvard, etc.). Many of them now return in the capacity of mentors, continuing to support the mission of the institute and other internationally-recognized research programs, such as RSI, SRSI, PROMYS, and others.

  • 10 alumni ranked among the “Top 5” student researchers at RSI
  • 5 alumni with Intel ISEF awards in the last two years
  • 6 alumni with EUCYS awards in the last four years
  • ~15% of the participants accepted in the Ivy League, MIT and “Oxbridge”.