Interaction Between Computer Algebra and Interval Computations

Special Session at
14th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA 2008)
July 27-30, 2008, RISC Institute, Castle of Hagenberg, Linz, Austria

In cooperation with GAMM-Fachausschuss "Computer-Assisted Proofs and Symbolic Computations"

Session Organizers:

  • Walter Kraemer, Bergische Universitaet, Wuppertal
    email: <>
  • Evgenija D. Popova, Inst.of Maths & Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    email: <>


For many years there is a considerable interaction between symbolic-algebraic and result-verification methods. The usage of validated computations at critical points of some algebraic algorithms improves the stability of the complete solution. Several hybrid algorithms using floating-point and/or interval arithmetic in intermediate computations combine the speed of numerical computations with the exactness of symbolic methods providing still guaranteed correct results and a dramatic speed up of the corresponding algebraic algorithm. Embedding of interval data structures, hybrid and result-verification methods in computer algebra systems turn the latter into valuable tool for reliable scientific computing while by applying symbolic-algebraic methods interval computations expand the methodology tools and get an increased efficiency.

This special session continues the tradition established by previous conferences and special sessions (including e.g. the conferences Interval-xx, ACA 2000, 2003 and 2006 sessions) on interval and computer-algebraic methods in science and engineering. The aim is to bring together participants from diverse areas of mathematics, computer science, various life & engineering/science disciplines that will demonstrate the progress in the interaction between symbolic-algebraic and result-verification methods. The meeting goal is to stimulate the communication, coordination, integration, and cross-fertilization of ideas capable to meet the emerging challenges.

TALKS   scheduled for Monday,   July 28, 2008, Room D

Next meeting will be at ACA 2009, June 25-28, 2009, Ecole de technologie superieure (ETS), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.