RPN in Scheme


Links of Relevance

Links to Scheme resources: the Standard & other docs, implementations etc

Historic, currently effective, and draft definitions of Scheme; more on this page

Bibliography of Scheme-related research

Books freely available online:
The Scheme Programming Language, 4th ed (the 3rd and 2nd editions are also available)
How to Design Programs (written to be used with PLT Scheme (Racket), see below)
        also a second, online-only edition
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Simply Scheme, 2nd ed
Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme
Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days: makes heavy use of MzScheme's extensions (see below)

Scheme Hash: Oleg Kiselyov's articles on Scheme

Practical Scheme: applications, libraries, essays, links (see e.g. this one)

Freely available implementations:
MIT/GNU Scheme: an interpreter from MIT, the birth place of Scheme
Chez Scheme: an interpreter & compiler
Racket: an interpreter & compiler (formerly known as PLT Scheme)
Gambit-C: a high-performance optimizing compiler
Larceny: an interpreter & compiler
BiwaScheme: an interpreter written in JavaScript
Gauche: an interpreter intended for o.s. scripting
Scheme 48: an interpreter for experimenting with implementation techniques
Guile: Scheme implemented as a library to be used as an application extension language
TinyScheme: a lightweight Scheme implementation for extending applications
Bigloo: compiles Scheme to C, JVM, or .NET; aims at high efficiency
Chicken: an interpreter, and a translator to C
SISC: a fast, R5RS-compatible, extensible implementation on top of JVM
SCM: an interpreter aiming portability across many o.s.-s
PC-Scheme/Geneva: an interpreter for MS-DOS

SLIB: a widely-ported collection of data structures, algorithms and goodies

Schematics Scheme Cookbook