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Sixth International Scientific Conference "Innovative STEM Education"

06 – 10 October 2024, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Invitation in English, Invitation in Bulgarian

STEMedu-2024 is an interdisciplinary forum that for the sixth year in a row will present scientific developments, projects and innovations in the STEM scientific framework, which by 2022 has received its natural extension: STEM/STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math). Realizing that combination of WEB 3.0/4.0 functionalities with modern educational technologies and platforms used by schools, universities and scientific institutions for knowledge sharing, shape the future of Education 4.0, the forum organizers put an emphasis on innovation and technology-enhanced learning in mathematics, life sciences, art, engineering, and digital humanities. Digital accessibility as theory and practice is traditional focus of the conference.

Within STEMedu-2024, reports of scientists and young specialists from Bulgaria and abroad will be presented: scientific reports - up to 20 min; messages – up to 10 min. and posters. The conference papers, after double-blind peer review, will be published in an online collection (Science Series "Innovative STEM Education", Book 6, 2024, ISSN: 2683-1333).

WORKING LANGUAGE: Bulgarian, English
Deadline for submitting a report request (title and summary): 25 June 2024 15 July 2024
Confirmation of participation in the conference: 15 July 2024 30 July 2024
Deadline for submission of full reports: 30 July 2024 15 August 2024

Application form for participation in the conference

Participation in the conference can be virtual as well in person.

Participation fee: 60.00 BGN (30.00 EUR).

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  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
  • “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Institute of Robotics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
  • Technical University – Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Regional Academic Center (RAC) – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • Medical University – Varna, branch Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  • The Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians (UBM), Bulgaria