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  • Development of extracurricular modules in mathematics for work with gifted students.
  • Studying the potential of the mathematics problems for enhancing the motivation of students for mathematical creativity.
  • Developing pedagogical strategies, concepts, tests and problems for teacher training.
  • Studying the potential of the computer modelling of processes in physics, chemistry and economics by means of numerical methods.
  • Developing educational strategies in mathematics and informatics based on specially designed experiments and analysis.
  • Scientific support of mathematics and informatics competitions.
  • Identifying applications of mathematics and informatics in humanities in a pedagogical context.
  • Identifying students with high motivation for doing mathematics.
  • Development of a concept for electronic courses in mathematics for the secondary school.
  • Development of educational strategies and materials for using the Internet in the secondary school.
  • Development of strategies in assessment and diagnostics in mathematical education.
  • Development of models in mathematical education and didactical technologies.



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