RPN in C


Links of Relevance

JTC1/SC22/WG14: the C standards committee web page
The current definition of the language, C11 (a most recent draft of the actual standard)
The previous definition, C99 (a draft of the actual standard); see also an older version
A draft of the next standard

A repository of C-related documents, and links to such

The new C standard: an economic and cultural commentary: a book thoroughly commenting the C99 standard

A concise description of the standard library

Dinkum Compleat Libraries: a highly esteemed reference to the standard library; now gone, but try this archived copy

Essential C: a set of course texts from the Stanford CS Education Library

A book on C programming for beginners, that once used to be in print

Hands On: C/C++ Programming and Unix Application Design, and a much extended version for printing: a book on C (and C++) programming and Unix system programming, including X/Motif

Notes on programming in C (remarks on style); also in PDF

C traps and pitfalls

Why Pascal is not my favorite programming language (a comparison with C); also in PDF

Object oriented programming with ANSI C: a book

COS (C Object System), also here: a C89 library for OOP ‘and beyond’; described here

IOCCC: The International Obfuscated C Code Contest – extremely twisted and often truly ingenious C programs

The Ten Commandments for C Programmers (a parody)

Freely available implementations:
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection for Linux. There are ports to MS DOS, MS Windows (or this), and Mac OS X
lcc and lcc-win32 for MS Windows
Pelles C: a compiler for MS Windows based on lcc
Pacific C for MS DOS (if currently unavailable, try this link and this for the documentation)
TCC – The Tiny C Compiler: very small, very fast, and producing small code
pcc: the Portable C Compiler
clang: a C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ frontend for LLVM
The EiC C Interpreter
Also see any C++ compiler
Splint: a modern, open-source version of lint
Metre: a parser, a software-metrics tool, and a call-tree generator for C
CIL: a high-level representation along with a set of tools for program analysis and source-to-source transformation of C programs
    CCured: a source-to-source translator for C, securing against memory safety violations
History. C’s ancestors:
The home page of (late) Dennis M. Ritchie, the author of C
The Development of the C Language; also in PostScripts and in PDF
User’s reference to B
The Programming Language B
See also BCPL
Cello: a library that introduces higher level programming to C (containers, collections, interfaces, first-class functions, constructor/destructor-based memory management)
Cyclone: a safe dialect of C, with pattern matching, algebraic datatypes, exceptions, etc.
C∀ (C-for-all): a (mostly) conservative extension/improvement to C
MetaC: a C with metaprogramming facilities – reflection, refactoring, reconfiguring and modifying arbitrary C source code
`C: a C with dynamic code generation