Links to Related Web Resources

The following web pages are dedicated to presenting information about existing programming languages, and thus are loosely related to my own effort. They list programming languages, provide descriptions, discuss general topics, or show examples. I have grouped the links accordingly.

Language Lists and Directories

Mozilla's directory of programming languages (within DMOZ, the Open Directory). Many annotated links to resources for each language (no more in existence, but a freezed mirror available)

A list of programming languages at Wikipedia, sorted in several ways according to different criteria. Linked to corresponding Wikipedia articles

Google's directory of programming languages: a list of some 180 languages. No text as such, but links given for each language (no more in existence)

Yahoo!'s directory of programming languages: a list of some 70 programming (and other) languages. No text as such, but annotated links given for each language (no more in existence)

A searchable roster of thousands of programming languages. Some names really refer to implementations or even program libraries instead of languages proper. Descriptions and (mostly) abundant bibliographic references

A searchable, alphabetically organized list of computing-related terms, including languages. Provides short descriptions

A small collection of languages. Very short descriptions, extensive link list (somewhat outdated) for each language

A list of several tens of programming languages with extensive links to resources for each language (no more in existence)

Very short descriptions of 2500 languages. No links to external sources (no more available)

A comprehensive list of languages. Provides good descriptions and sample code (not commented and on varying topics). Few links, mostly outdated. Seems to be not currently maintained (since around 1998)

A list of about 150 programming and other computer languages. Good concise descriptions. No links to elsewhere (no more in existence)

A list of about 120 programming languages. Short descriptions, one link for each language

Brief descriptions of some 40 programming languages with some links to resources (no more in existence)

Very short descriptions of about 45 programming languages

Definitions of language families, short descriptions of languages, some links and other language-related info

General Topics and Other Information

A discussion on some general topics in programming languages. Some specific languages considered. Links to elsewhere

The ‘Projects’ folder of the Software Preservation Group: historic documents and software, mostly concerning programming languages

Links to ‘Historic Documents in Computer Science’ (mostly on programming languages)

An attempt to summarize/systematize some basic ideas and concepts that make up the diversity of programming languages

Lambda the Ultimate: discussing the study of general properties of programming languages and the research in this area

Language Examples and Comparisons

A list of languages, each represented by one or several (noncommented) examples. No other info (no more in existence)

A great number of examples in more than 20 languages, inspired by the Perl Cookbook. Each example is a ‘typical’ small problem in some practical domain

A comparison of nine programming languages w.r.t. to a set of features. The features used in the comparison are discussed

‘The Computer Language Shootout’ and its smaller Windows alike: a set of benchmarks

Solutions of Certain Problems in Many Languages

Programs in about 40 languages that find the prime numbers up to a limit
Solutions of the Towers of Hanoi problem in over a hundred languages
99 Bottles of Beer
Programs in many languages printing the ‘lyrics’ of … if you don't know what, go there and see
The game of Sokoban implemented in 9 languages themselves implemented on JVM
A game of Reverse implemented in about 15 languages
Accumulator Generator
Solutions in about 20 languages of a problem posed by Paul Graham
Self-reproducing programs (a.k.a. quines) in a number of languages
Implementations of the CipherSaber algorithm in above 30 languages
Implementing the Black-Scholes option pricing formula in a number of languages
Rosetta Code
A repository for code examples in many languages
Markov Chain Algorithm
The link above points at the excellent book: B. W. Kernighan, R. Pike, The practice of programming. Chapter 3 discusses implementations in several languages of a Markov chain algorithm for generating pseudo-natural text. Download the source code from the book to get them
Code Kata
One of the ‘pragmatic programmers’ recommends repetitive practicing on small problems as a means to develop programming skills. Not necessarily in many languages, but multiplicity certainly is present