RPN in Logo


Logo was created in the late 1970s as a vehicle for introductory teaching of programming and computing, especially to children. Although it is often associated solely with its graphics capabilities (the ‘turtle’), and as a consequence regarded as a childish language, Logo is in fact a general-purpose, extensible programming language, with a mixed functional/imperative flavour.

Links of Relevance

Logo foundation: information and resources

StarLogo: a massively parallel dialect for modelling decentralized systems

Brian Harvey's web site with UCBLogo, an excellent book on programming with UCBLogo, and other publications

MSWLogo: a multimedia-enhanced dialect for MS Windows based on Berkeley Logo

FMSLogo: a modernized version of MSWLogo

Elica: a redesign of Logo with prototype-based OOP

A Logo compiler based on the OOP model of Elica