Links of Relevance

The home page of REBOL
A very short introduction
A more detailed overview
An introductory tutorial by the designer of REBOL
The main entry point for the documentation of REBOL:
        see esp. the   REBOL/Core Users Guide   and the   REBOL Function Dictionary
Tutorials, examples, etc
REBOL in One Line: a list of one-line programs
The upcoming REBOL 3

Another brief overview

Learn REBOL – a tutorial the size of a book of 600 pages

A tutorial, the size of a small book (partially outdated)

REBOL programming: a wikibook The REBOL Developer Network
A cookbook ‘a site to promote collaboration between REBOL developers’ – stores program libraries, archives of message lists, and some articles

Links to REBOL-related resources

Steel  (library modules): available from but documented here

Cheyenne: an Apache-class web server implemented in REBOL

Syllable: a lightweight, fast, Linux-like operating system intended for home and small offices, with REBOL as a scripting language

QuarterMaster: a REBOL-based web framework

Open source REBOL-like languages:
Boron (a C library and interpreter)
Orca (a C library and interpreter)

Try REBOL: a website where REBOL expressions can be evaluated in REBOL 2, REBOL 3, and Boron