Links of Relevance

The Association of Simula Users
A summary of Simula and Simula systems

‘DIRO Simula home’, with some documentation and other resources

The Simula Standard (1986) and Reference Manual (1989)

An introductory text on the language

An Introduction to Programming in Simula – a book, once published in printed form

The Cim (Simula in C) compiler:
Main site
Other Cim repositories
A port of Cim for MS Windows

PC Simula: a compiler for MS DOS

The home pages of (now late) creators of Simula Kristen Nygaard and Ole-Johan Dahl with some valuable publications
A short text on the birth of Simula and the impact of the language on the object-oriented programming

Historical articles on Simula: 1 2 3

The IBM System 360/370 Compiler and Documentation (historical)