RPN in Tcl


Links of Relevance

Tcl Developer Xchange: the primary site for Tcl/Tk
Webified man pages for Tcl, Tk, the standard libraries, and a tutorial
Tcl improvement proposals (TIPs)

Webified man pages for Tcl, Tk, and the standard libraries (better structured than the above)

The Tclers Wiki: the main user wiki for the language
Entry point for Tk; and another
Entry point for Expect

A collection of links to code samples

A tutorial on Tcl/Tk
A concise tutorial on Tcl
‘Tcl for Web Nerds’: a tutorial on Tcl

Tcl Programming: a wiki book – a tutorial, with an extensive list of examples

A book on Tcl/Tk which is partially available online

ActiveTcl: the most used Tcl implementation
Tclkit: a single-file executable containing a Tcl/Tk (with incrTcl) interpreter and run-time, and an embedded DBMS (Metakit)
Jim: a small footprint implementation of a subset of Tcl, extended to support functional and object-oriented programming

eTcl: a small Tcl environment for cross-platform desktop and mobile applications

Hecl: a small Tcl-like language implemented in Java

AOLserver: a web server for large scale, dynamic web sites, with a built-in Tcl interpreter

An old home page of Expect, and a newer one

A brief tutorial on Expect

An article on the philosophy of Expect and programming in it