The mission of the Laboratory DSCH is to develop research, educational and practical activities in the field of digitization of cultural and scientific heritage in Bulgaria. The team leader of our Laboratory, Dr. M. Dobreva, initiated the foundation of SEEDI (South Eastern Digitization Initiative). SEEDI has a leading role in the regional collaboration for South Eastern Europe.


  • In 2009 part of the team took part in an international workshop “Long-term preservation of digital documents' (“Planets” project).
  • Seminars for specialists in cultural heritage holders on "Digitization: Theory and Practice" (seminars in the context of IMI as national technological partner for Europeana) For contacts: Krassimira Ivanova (head)
  • Applied research activities in collaboration with institutions for cultural memory
  • Digitization of manuscripts, musical periodicals, old newspapers. Currently (April 2011) we have more than 90 000 scanned and processed documents, incl. books, documents of State Archive Agency, photographic collections, musical periodicals, as well as archive of the High Attestation Commission, archive of IMI-BAS, audio archive of Bulgarian dialects etc.
  • Digitization of Bulgarian mathematical heritage (in the frame of EU DML project) and more precisely the old issues of Bulgarian mathematical magazine “Serdica” (1975-1995), part of which are published online
  • Teaching activities


  • 2009 (ongoing). EUROPEANA (associated partner, aggregator)
  • 2010 (ongoing). Open AIRE (National representative)
  • 2010 (ongoing). EU DML (participation in digitization of Bulgarian Mathematical heritage)
  • Three projects with national funding (Governmental Agency for Information Technologies, and Ministry of Education and Science)
  • 2009. Digitisation and preparation of exhibition „Architectural competitions in Sofia 1878-1944” – joint work with the Centre of Architectural Studies, BAS and Sofia Municipality
  • 2009. Collaboration with “Global libraries in Bulgaria” project
  • 2007. Digitisation of audioarchives with funding from UNESCO
  • 2006. Digitization and web access of the personal archive of the founder of Bulgarian Academy of Science, prof. Marin Drinov
  • 2006-2008. Discovering our Past World with Digitised Maps (DIGMAP) funding by Еuropean Commission
  • 2006. Bilateral project for digitisation of cultural heritage in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics at Serbian Academy of Sciences
  • 2005-2007. COMputational TOOls for the librarian and philological work in Cultural Institutions (COMTOOCI)
  • 2004-2008. Knowledge Transfer for Digitization of Cultural and Scientific heritage in Bulgaria (KT-DigiCult-BG)

Vision for future research

  • Research on EduTainment applications and digital culture
  • Research and applied research on best European practices for digitization of cultural heritage content
  • Participation in national and international ICT calls
  • Participation in and organization of national and international conferences in the area of digital libraries
  • Educational activities on digitization in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, heritage holders and universities
  • The seminar of the Laboratory "Digitization of scientific and cultural heritage" to become a national one (with accent on institutional collaboration, digital libraries and long-term preservation)
  • JOOMLA-based web portal of the Laboratory