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Teaching and Presentations

(2007 - 2013) Publications

  • Sotirova K. Peneva, J. Ivanov ST., Doneva R., Dobreva, M. Digitization of Cultural Heritage – Standards, Institutions, Initiatives , 23-68 pp. In: Access to Digital Cultural Heritage: Innovative Applications of Automated Metadata Generation. , 2012, Plovdiv. ISBN: 978-954-423-722-6
  • Grigorova, V., Sotirova, K., Naoumova, V., Sameva, A. etc. Digitization of Old Mathematical Periodicals Published by the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In: Proceedings from the Second International conference "Digital Preservation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage", Veliko Turnovo, 2012, ISSN 1314-4006, pp.222-227.
  • Tabov, J. Sotirova K., Sv. Hristova. Researches in IMI-BAS 2010 - Attestation Analysis - Results and Recommendations. In: Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP), 6(2), 2012, ISSN: 1313-1958 (print), 1313-9118 (online)
  • Sotirova K., Ivanova Kr., Dobreva, M. Information Literacy in the Field of Digital Libraries. In: Proceedings from The Iv National Conference „Education in the Information Society", Plovdiv 2011, 25-34 pp.
  • (In Bulgarian) И. Файтонджиева, Л. Попов, Sotirova K. Архитектурни конкурси, София (1940-1944), 80-96стр. In: The Space in European Architecture – Tradition and Innovation (Пространството в Европейската архитектура – традиция и новаторство), ISBN 978-954-9430-43-1, Varna, Bulgaria 2009 (Bilingual edition: Bulgarian and English)
  • Information management in the Changing World” (Haccetepe Univ., Анкара, Турция) Key Image Ontologization And Folksonomy In Web 2.0 Social Space, 32-42p., ISBN 978-975-491-246
  • Sotirova K. The Digital Access to Bulgarian Artistic Heritage in the “Age of Access” (abstract) ISBN 978-954-8986-26-7, 44p.
  • Sotirova K. „Digitization of the National cultural heritage - European Standards and Bulgarian Practices" In: Proceedings from XIX National conference "Libraries and Cultural Heritage" 2009, Haskovo, Bulgaria (In Bulgarian)

(2006 - 2001) Publications

  • Micheal Mac an Airchinnigh & Kalina Sotirova, Digital MultiCulture in Practice, First International Workshop Ontology Based Modelling in Humanities. Bericht 265, University of Hamburg, pp. 27-36, April 2006.
  • Sotirova, K. Edutainment (game) - Digital (Re)discovery of Culture, Third International Conference New Technologies and Standards: Digitization of National Heritage, and published II vol. of the Review of the National Center of Digitization (Serbia and Montenegro), 4/2004. The small journal I prepared and published for the conference is "Let Us imagine"
  • Sotirova, K. Edutainment Games for Presenting Cultural Heritage.In: Proceedings of the 33rd Spring Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians, pp. 241-247, Sofia, 2004, ISBN 954 8880 17 2
  • Tabov J., Velchev A., Dobreva M., Sotirova K. Chronological Distribution of the Bulgarian Mediaeval manuscripts, preserved in Bulgaria.In: Proceedings of the 33d Spring Conference of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians, pp. 241-247, Sofia, 2004, ISBN 954 8880 17 2
  • Sotirova, K. Edutainment games - Homo Culturalis VS Homo Ludens, presented during the international conference MASSEE 2003 in: Review of the National Center of Digitization (Serbia and Montenegro), 4/2004, pp. 84-98
  • Dobreva M., Sameva A., Sotirova K.,New Publishing Models for the Slavonic Mediaeval Manuscripts, In: proceedings of 6th ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing, Germany, 2002
  • Dobreva M., Sameva A., Sotirova, K. Computer Presentation of Mediaeval Slavonic Manuscripts, presented during the International Conference BulCOLOR 2001, Varna In: Proceedings of International Conference BulCOLOR (in Bulgarian)
  • Sotirova K.Training In Electronic Publishing for Cultural Heritage Specialists: The Bulgarian Experience. In: proceedings of 5 th ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing, Canterbury (UK) 2001, pp. 273-278

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